The Dankest Squad

Welcome to the dankest squad ever, as Andy liked to call us! I truthfully couldn’t be any happier with how well my group blended and worked together. We connected right from the beginning and shared the same sense of what we wanted to accomplish for the final project.

As for my role in the group, I think that I kind of took on more of the leadership role. I have a history of taking control of situations where I feel comfortable and confident about a topic. Being that the environment is very important to me, I had a clear picture of how I wanted the outcome of this presentation to look and I’m very particular to how we were going to get there. From the beginning, I delegated our meeting times, what our mission for the week would be, and who would be accomplishing what tasks (with input on each members’ strengths of course). I tend to be very particular about things being submitted and finished in a timely manner, and so I made sure that everyone knew exactly what their role and job were for each week that way our projecting would continue to move along. For example, I knew that Andy had the most knowledge and skill when it came to the technical side of the project and so I allowed him free reign to edit the video and gather materials. Jimmy had a clear grasp on the kind of audience we were trying to reach, and so he went forth and did some research on open space. Stefanie helped out with research and gathering footage and writing out our ideas and paper. Overall, everyone worked very hard on this project and we all accomplished our goal to create an awesome video promoting and educating people about Open Space Month.

Not only did we come together as a group of students taking the same class, we came together as a group of friends. Sometimes our meetings consisted of only a couple minutes of work, and an hour or two of hanging out, talking, and eating food. I’m sad that the semester has come to a close, but I’m happy it ended with a group of friends and a great video on Open Space Month.




This week, we searched on Google for images, videos, and music to incorporate into our project. We found it a little difficult to find exactly what we are looking for because a lot of what is produced on the internet is copyrighted. Nonetheless, we came through with some good photos and videos that we can cut, crop, and reuse. Ideally, we would like to incorporate our own personal photos and videos of Open Space. Our project is an informational video and we want it to be set to an upbeat instrumental tune. We used Soundcloud to download free music, and we found a really nice tune that we think will interest people to continue watching the video. Sound is just as important as visualization.


I enjoyed creating a storyboard because it was the beginning of what out final project will look like. The storyboard began to put all the pieces together and give a visual representation of what we’ve been discussing the past couple weeks. While piecing together the storyboard, we changed our narrative slightly. After researching some ideas about open space, I came across Rutgers Master Plan presented by President Robert Barchi in 2015. After reading and viewing the pictures of the plan, I realized that the core concept was not only improving the quality of the campus but also increasing and creating more open space to be utilized by the Rutgers community. This is a great thing to put into a presentation because it speaks to how important the idea of Open Space in becoming. Ultimately, this video is supposed to model one of those informative Buzzfeed/Facebook videos. Ideally, the video will flow smoothly, set to music. As pictures and videos flash across the screen, text boxes of information will pop up and follow along with each picture so that the viewer is essentially reading a virtual story. I think as a group we need to work on relaying our message a bit clearer through the dialogue we plan to use in the video. I think that we also need to highlight that the purpose of this video is to promote Open Space Month which is in June. Maybe too, in the video, we should end it with a call to action, or some kind of social media challenge that incentivizes people to get outside and utilize open space. All things to continue to talk about and implement before the final project is revealed.


This week group 2 had the task of creating a narrative for our Open Space video project. We came up with three different possibilities, how open space is beneficial, how it is neglected, and how open space is created. We decided that, in an effort to raise the most awareness for the cause, we would create a video that highlighted a combination of why open space is beneficial and how it is being neglected. Our thinking process is that by creating a video that has a slightly negative undertone, it will tug at the heartstrings of viewers and make them more likely to get involved. Think about the animal abuse videos, while they are incredibly sad, they are incredibly good at raising awareness. That is what we a trying to imitate but using the environment and open space as our talking point. Our goal is to get people to want to be involved with and care more about open space, parks, and the environment.

Open Space Month

As a member of group 2, “The Dankest Squad,” I am looking forward to our collaboration on creating an advertisement for Open Space Month on behalf of the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters. I think that collectively we are a very talented, creative, and diverse group of people. As college students, we understand how technology can be the best form of communication between a product and the public. Technology has literally entered into every facet of people’s lives and honing in on that concept is what creates attention and awareness. Every day people are logging onto their Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat accounts to socialize and discover what people around them are doing. Our plan is to create a video, sort of like a commercial of sorts, about Open Space Month that can be easily shared across multiple platforms of social media. We are trying to reach the New Brunswick and Rutgers University residential population because collectively there are thousands upon thousands of people who can benefit and participate in raising awareness for the environment and open space. Our idea is to interview residents and Rutgers University students and ask them why they feel open space is important and how they utilize open space. We will travel to different areas across the campus. We will also talk with university administrators and discuss how they planned the construction of buildings like the Honors College, Vorhees Mall, the new Hillel House, and other areas on campus. Did they take the concept of open space into consideration? At the same time, we will be advertising June as Open Space Month and taking pledges from people to participate. I think that the video will garner a lot of attention and awareness for Open Space Month because everyone likes to watch a good presentation, set to catchy music, featuring people they know and a good cause.

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Going Viral

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Success Kid: I love this meme because, not only is this little boy extremely cute, his face of determination and balled fist makes me feel like if he can do it, I can do anything. This meme is relatable to many becuase it ignites a feeling accomplishment. I’m sure many people have made a similar gesture when they’ve accomplished a goal and did something awesome. The fact he is a baby, and people love babies, helps in making this meme go viral too.

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Willy Wonka: This meme went viral because his facial expression can be related to many different social situations. For example, when you love drama and see a fight beginning to take place over Facebook, when you’re listening to your friend tell a juicy story and you’re just like “tell me more.” Whenever I view this meme I take with a sarcastic light and it always makes me laugh.


disney tired bored whatever sleepy

Boo: I think that I speak for everyone when I say this meme is one of the most relatable images out there. Sitting in your 9am lecture, or any time of lecture for that matter, listening to your professor go on and on and on, reading off the slides, and you are struggling with all your might not to fall asleep.

Memes today are an expression of individuals’ emotions and actions. Memes represent a feeling and moment of connection. The memes I have chosen above interest me because at some point in my life I’ve felt the same way the characters do. When I received a good grade on my Calculus exam, I mimicked the expressions of success kid. When my friend came over to tell me about her encounter with a person we both dislike, I sat with the same face as Willy Wonka as my friend told her story. Boo is probably to most relatable to my life because there are countless times when I’ve nearly fallen asleep listening to a professor lecture or my parents tell me something they’ve already said 10 times. I think that there are two important aspects in order for a meme to go viral, and those are one, it needs to be relatable, and two, it needs to have humor. Memes relate to Ang’s paradigms of “media in everyday life” because they evoke a response of entertainment. Memes allow for people to express themselves in a humorous and individualistic way. Each meme represents a different story for different people.

Ultimately, memes are a gateway to creating a successful brand. If something is relatable, it will generate buzz. Memes are used by companies to sell products and by TV shows and movies to promote a new feature. For instance, a meme about Corinne from the Bachelor will connect with viewers and generate ratings. Just in the same way the meme about the “cash me ousside” girl generated viewings for the Dr. Phil show.

Hackers and the Weather!

When I think of hackers and internet trolls immediately I think of some television show like Scandal or Revenge or some movie like the Social Network where people are furiously typing away on computers strings of code trying to break into a server to obtain information. More times than most, when I think of hacking I have a rather negative view on it. To me, hacking is breaking the law and I’m almost positive that hacking is against the law in general. It is an invasion of privacy and information. Yet, there are millions of hackers all over the world typing away on their computers every minute. Most are hacking to do harm, while some are hacking to stop harm or to learn something about a particular interest. But how did hacking come to be in the first place? What made hacking so popular? The reading discusses how one small idea can create a movement. In this case, the small idea was a movie about a hacker and the movement was individuals around the world scrambling to purchase a computer to learn how to code and hack the same way the movie character did. The idea of hacking aided in the surge of computers sold, and in a way aided in the increase in technological advancement over the years. Think about it, as individuals became more equip and more knowledgeable about code and hacking, they were able to create new techniques. With new and advanced techniques, individuals needed new and advanced software. Hacking has become a massive community of people who are all trying, and succeeding, at doing what most people want to do, and that’s having eyes and ears anywhere and everywhere. Because of hacking, major social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have urged their users to keep their accounts on private and have been forced to up their security tactics to protecting against harmful hacking. If you are ever wondering why it necessary to have a ten digit long passcode with numbers and characters when a simple birth date would do, you can thank hackers and trolls for that, because well four digits would be too easy!


Hello everyone! The weather has certainly been a wild rollercoaster these past couple weeks! Spring-like temperatures one day and snow the next. Please enjoy my weather reel, and getter a better feel for what’s happening in your neck of the woods.





Authenticity is one of the most important qualities in life. Being authentic is the key to success. Money, music, food, art, personality must be authentic to receive a good review. Are you authentic as a person? Is that photo an authentic representation of someone, or was it edited and retouched? Do your words authentically represent what you are feeling?Relationships, opinions, and history are built on authenticity. The words authenticity and representation go together like donuts and coffee. You can’t have one without the other. The way I view it, authenticity is vital in showcasing one’s true self as well as vital in achieving anything in life. The minute someone becomes disingenuine, he loses the ability to be unique and credible. Today, digital media opens a wide door for people to fall into the trap of becoming disingenuine. With programs like photoshop, music editor, and countless apps that allow for the transformation of work, it is easy to lose authenticity. It is seen everywhere today. Magazines are always getting in trouble for photoshopping images to make models look thinner than reality. Music has all these added noises that are strung together from premade tracks along with autotuning, rather than good old-fashioned guitar and drums and a talented voice. The Minutemen understood and strived for authenticity in their music. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon and playing what would sell albums, the music group wrote and performed songs that were true to their feelings and spoke what they believed in. The Minutemen believed in standing out from the crowd and encouraged others to do the same. Deemed as a punk rock band, The Minutemen also wanted to strip away from the stereotypes of music genres. Watt states, “Punk rock doesn’t have to be one style of music…it can mean freedom and going crazy and being personal with your art,” (Our Band Could Be Your Life 76). Authenticity is about being genuine with anything that you do in life. Posting a blog, creating a portfolio of photos, filming a movie, writing a book, these are all examples of tasks that are best achieved through being authentic and allowing yourself to shine through your work. Because in the end, while you may not become famous, people will respect you so much more because you offered something to the world that truly had a purpose and was not just a fake representation or copy of something already circulating.

Please enjoy my podcast below:

DIY Header

I’ve always had an interest in editing and creating graphics. In high school, I took a graphic design course and designed an entire magazine. When given the task to create my own header using GIMP I was a little hesitant because I’ve never used this tool before. I was accustomed to the easy workings of photoshop in high school. I had a hard time in figuring out what I wanted to design. I wanted it to be something that fit my color scheme and also something that incorporated flowers because I love flowers. I found a photo of a rippling wave and loved how serene it looked and I knew layering flowers over top would look good. Finding the photos was essentially the easiest part once I crossed the design hurdle. Then it came time to actually using the GIMP software and that’s where I nearly gave up. I watched the GIMP tutorials and followed along to my best ability but I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to crop and layer each photo. It wasn’t until I continued to play around with a few keys and tools that my header began to take form. Once I got everything to fit into place and in the right dimensions, I took a breather. GIMP doesn’t seem to be very user-friendly, and I’m not sure if that’s because I did not know how to navigate it well or because the software itself is hard to navigate. I would try to layer pictures but I could not figure out how to scale it correctly for the life of me! Then I constantly ran into the problem where I would try to move a layer or reposition something and instead I would end up drawing all over the screen with the pen tool. Long story short it was a relief once I finished editing the photo. I enjoyed playing around with the lighting and the background tones and hues. Overall, I’m very happy with my final product and I hope to work with GIMP more in the future and get to know the software better. Maybe I can even use GIMP to help edit my personal photos and create new graphics for my weather forecasting webpage! staples-hard-button


Zines were a tool used by individuals to publicize and promote a brand. This printed mini magazine of sorts was popularly used by punk rock bands and artists to highlight their unique view on music, politics, and culture in the age before digital media. However, with the emergence of the internet and social media, zines have aided in the development of blogs. Zines were a unique way for individuals to voice their opinions and connect with a specialized audience, much like what blogs do today. As Duncombe says, zines are “a medium that spoke for a marginal, yet vibrant, culture that along with others might invest the tired script of progressive politics with meaning and excitement for a new generation.” Today, blogs accomplish the same goal and that “new generation” simply took the idea of zines and transported them from paper to the internet. There are blogs for every avenue of interest, from fashion to music to politics, each one unique and offering a different voice and perspective. Zines created a way for people to band together and share interests. They evolved from black ink on a white piece of paper, to include vibrant drawings and art, and to pamphlets filled with ideas and movements. As people grew more accustomed to the new phase of the internet and began to explore all that the internet had to offer, people took the idea of zines, and used the internet to create and a brand new forum that reached far more people than zines ever could. And with that, more voices were heard and more ideas were shared. It will be interesting to see how innovation changes blogs and what forum will be created in the future.670d9a044f293ca129f08ed01991b4cd